Short term / Long term / Distribution center 

Our flexible warehousing solutions include a wide range of services to meet your personal or business needs, enabling you to reduce costs and increase efficiency. At Sandstone, we know that no two businesses are the same, and this is reflected in the tailored approach we take to each customer.

    * Woodlands Warehouse 04-01a SW021 – 600 cubic meters of modern, clean & secure warehousing space (Office Include)

    * Woodlands Warehouse 04-03 SW023 – 1000 cubic meters. Fully racking, modern, clean & secure warehousing space


    * Short and long-term options

    * Racked, shelf, palletised, bulk and tailored configurations

    * Inventory management system (Mobile Apps)

    * Unpacking, container/parcel unstuffing, depalletising

    * Sorting, reprocessing, labelling

    * Highly experienced staff

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