Whether it’s a time-critical item or a less-than-urgent consignment, Sandstone Transport has got you covered! We provide a reliable B to B or door-to-door delivery and courier service that is competitively priced and uncomplicated.

    * Knowledgeable & accessible customer service team

    * User-friendly dispatch process

    * Corporate fixed run deliveries

    * Computerised operations to cut costs and delivery times

    * Consignment monitoring via our fleet management system

    * Proof of delivery (POD) available

    * Well-maintained fleet of bikes, vans and trucks


Sandstone Transport is capable of handling all your sorting and distribution needs. Our in-house handling process is augmented by our efficient delivery fleet, currently covering numerous unique delivery points throughout Singapore. Let us know your needs and we will design the optimum process for you.

    * Storage, sorting and categorization

    * 5 to 1,000 point milk runs

    * Delivery clustering to keep costs low

    * Freight/parcel/letter forwarding